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George talks about Lennie being annoying, however he says that `you get used to goin' around with a guy,' suggesting that George loves
him regardless of all the trouble Lennie causes. (p67)
George confirms that Lennie tends to get into trouble a lot and in the…

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Crooks is a little too happy to point out that George and Lennie aren't the first ones to have a dream: every itinerant ranch hand just
wants a little plot of land. Are George and Lennie going to make it good--or are they just going to "quit an' go on,"…

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He is honest with people he trusts. For example, he tells Slim that he used to play tricks on Lennie when they were young, but now feels guilty
about it as Lennie nearly drowned.

Lennie small
He is a big man, in contrast to his name. He has limited intelligence,…

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Later that evening, George tells Slim about why he and Lennie travel together and more about what happened in Weed. The men talk about
Candy's ancient dog, which is tired and ill. Carlson shoots it, as an act of kindness. George tells Candy about their dream of getting a piece…

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Priestley deliberately set his play in 1912 because the date represented an era when all was very different from the time he was writing. In 1912, rigid class and gender
boundaries seemed to ensure that nothing would change. Yet by 1945, most of those class and gender divisions had been…

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the same port your father gets." He is proud that he is likely to be knighted, as that would move him even higher in social circles. He claims the
party "is one of the happiest nights of my life." This is not only because Sheila will be happy, but because…

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"an impression of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness. He is a man in his fifties, dressed in a plain darkish suit. He speaks
carefully, weightily, and has a disconcerting habit of looking hard at the person he addresses before actually speaking." He works
very systematically; he likes to deal with "one…

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There are subtle hints that not is all as it seems. For example, early on we wonder whether the happy atmosphere is slightly forced. Sheila
wonders where Gerald was last summer, Eric is nervous about something, Lord and Lady Croft did not attend the engagement dinner. This
arouses interest in…


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