Prefect Letter

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To Head Of House,

 I have been interested in this role of being a prefect for quite some time now, and i feel taking this big responsibility is not only an honour for the school, but beneficial to others. Here are reasons on why i think i am the perfect candidate for taking this big role.

Firstly, i was a group leader in my primary school. The teachers picked me and a group to take the responsibility to host games for the infants to enjoy, as well as paying close attention to them. I also did this when i was a infant. We alI got along well with each other in the group, and managed to make the games successful. This is important as i discovered that being a prefect requires a quality of responsibility which i know i possess. Another reason as to why i obtain this quality, is purely the fact that i like to make sure everyone is behaving nicely, so no problems can occur.

During school time, i always keep my head down and focus on my studies. I feel this is the key to success and the key to achieve my aspiration in the future. By doing this, i like to revise after school so i can understand my subjects more, and so i can impove my grades and baselines. I am currently reaching all my baselines, if not i achieve higher. There are times when i stuggle with certain topics of my studies, but i know that i am able to overcome my problems easily by giving myself useful advice and developing


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