Advantages and Drawbacks of Upgrading/Using ICT


Advantages and Drawbacks of Upgrading/Using ICT


  • Saves labour hours - makes the business more efficient
  • Creates a 'Paperless Office' which means that the business will be more organised and organisation means efficiency, efficiency means success
  • As the use of e-commerce has increased over the years, it is now a great place to promote businesses and so by using e-commerce and the Internet, they can make more money as they can reach to more customers


  • Initial cost of implementation of technology which when not used to it's fullest would be pointless and lose the business money which could be better spent
  • Also, the business needs to regularly upgrade the system which could cost a lot of money that perhaps the business does not have
  • Cost of training may be too much for the business to handle
  • A computer system is only as efficient as the people who are using it


ICT is used in business to aid communication which could involve the creation of letters to management of stock and customer databases. ICT is vital to a business in many ways and it allows customers to access the business easier, in ways from Business to Business, Business to Individuals (e.g iTunes) and Individuals to Individuals (e.g eBay)


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