Postmodernist Theory

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Link to Industrialistion

  • Service sector jobs
  • More part time jobs but more often and more flexible
  • Much more fragmented / flexibkle work

And also...

  • Identity is less predictable
  • Culture is more diverse and fragmented - there is no distinction between high and low cultures: blurred boundaries. This can be applied for the media becoming our reality, a hyper real world.
  • Politics is more personality based rather than around social classs interests, political parties and government. They cluster around familiar groups / enviornmental issues.

Media Saturated Society: BAUDRILLARD

Sees life in the postmodern era as being so dominated by media imagery that is has become what he calls - 'media saturated'. The mass media is used more or less to reflect some basic reality, but media images now dominate and distort the way that we see the world.

Pick 'n' Mix Identities: BAUDRILLARD

Sees postmodernism involving the consumption of media - created desires and pressures to consume with individual identity, no longer performed pre-dominantly by factors such as class, ethnicity or gender…


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