Poetry Conventions.


Rhyming is pretty darn important in poems. The first rhymes you heard were probably in nursery rhymes, so I promise they're not that difficult. Time to see how it all works...

Words Rhyme if their Endings sound the Same.

Although poems don't have to rhyme, rhyme is used a lot so you need to understand how it works. Rhyming words are words that sound the same.


1) Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep. 

"Peep" and "sheep" rhyme. They have the same "-eep" ending.

2) down clown frown town 

These words rhyme. They have the same "-own" ending.

3) late eight mate plate straight

The endings don't have to be spelt the same way. They just have to sound the same.

A Rhyming Couplet


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