GCSE English Literature Sunlight on the Grass Anthology Notes

Some notes I compiled on AO1 and AO2 on every story in the anthology other than Something Old, Something New. I used a sheet we were given in class and some of my own notes. Goodluck! 

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Sunlight on the Grass Powerpoint
AO1 ­ Themes and Ideas
AO2 ­ Language, structure & form
By Carys Price 11H…read more

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My Polish Teacher's Tie
AO1 ­ Loss of Identity
· Carla identifies herself through materialistic attributes (hourly wage, unattractive
uniform) which presents lack of confidence in herself. She allows the perception of her
£3.89/hour identity to weigh down her cultural identity.
· She embodies herself through objects ­ "wiped my surfaces"; the use of pronoun gives
impression that she is devaluing herself ­ self deprecating.
· She confides in the reader, "I like the kids." implies she doesn't see eye to eye with her
colleagues and portrays her as an introverted character with an inability to connect
with her fellow workmates.
Resurfacing of Identity
· She retracts into her £3.89/hour self when she feels she's lost Stefan and loses her
`new found self', shown through; `blue overall'; `big teapot'; `plate of buns in front of
· Her decision to reveal who she is to Stefan shows a new character has been awoken;
she gains self respects from line 150 ­ overcomes her dislike of other teachers
· Realisation on what and who is important `not going to wait time on the head'; `want
to talk about poetry' ­ she has developed to realise that materialistic views of herself
aren't important and the appreciation she has for culture and poetry is part of her
inner beauty ­ Stefan is used as a medium for her to recover confidence and
appreciation for her Polish roots.…read more

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· A major dislike between Carla and the teachers ­ she detaches herself from the
school's teaching community using the repeated pronoun `they' (AO2).
· She shows a lack of interest and thought in what the head has to say to `his
staff', `as a rule' which gives the impression that it's a natural reaction for her.
· `knot' of teachers suggests that it's hard to get into ­ an enclosed group and
she's excluded, not wanted.
· Short sentences show resentment from Carla, `I'm half Polish. They don't know
that here.' suggests a bitterness, reinforces introversion.
Valerie Kenward
· Presented unfavourably by Carla, clearly dislikes her, she embodies Carla's
thoughts of the class difference.; sarcastic, `the pope...' which reveals
smugness/self satisfaction of Valerie, hypocritical persona, `she's on a diet,
picks the biggest bun'
· Verb choice suggests exaggerative/sly `she whispered',
· Evidence suggests she is close minded and emotionally immature as she has
only allowed Stefan to stay to benefit her own persona. She `flushes' ­ suggests
proudness. She judges him on his clothes ­ shows close mindedness ­ "His ties"
... "You've never seen anything like them"…read more

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AO2 ­ Language
· Colloquial, informal language and half sentences ­ confirms Carla's ordinariness
and Englishness.
· Pronouns show detachment and emphasise dislike.
· Informalities between the head/Valarie shows contrast between head/Carla.
· Use of `knot'; `overall'; `shovel' use for an effect ­ daunting and strenuous.
· Implied that Carla is the `poetic bird' ­ everyone could hear her sing but nobody
could find her ­ she is `found' by Stefan. Just as the bird got `lost in the tunnels'
Carla was lost in her £3.89-self and as nobody could find the bird, nobody could
see the inner beauty of Carla's appreciation for culture and poetry.
· The `terribly hopeful tie' represents innocence and optimism ­ something Carla
has lost. She makes a connection with Steve and looks past his attire and
appreciates him for who he really is ­ and vice versa.…read more

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· The story takes a short story structure, with a climax and resolution. The final
scene is almost a release from the pent up introversion and loneliness. The song
cuts into Carla like a "knife through butter" into her past/identity, unlocking a `new
her' which opens the flood gates to her memory of her dormant language.
· First person narrative which moulds the perceptions of the reader to a biased view
towards Carla's feelings and Carla's position and opinion of the teachers at the
school ­ her views shape ours.
· Minimal dialogue used ­ reinforces shyness and introversion ­ text portrayed as
inner thoughts "I would be off sick, or I would say Jade was ill" ­ shows thought
process .
· Use of simple sentences in the story achieve impact, sarcasm and irony.…read more

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When the Wasps Drowned
AO1 ­ Childhood
· The anaphoric beginning and repetition of "that was the summer" suggests that the story is
a reflection on childhood.
· Childish behaviour shown, such as childish revenge/mock bravery after the wasps attack.
Moreover, using the Smarties to smear the colour on their faces.
· During the story, the children are devoid of parental care and Wiglet shows this through the
state of the house `grime' shows a level of care which corresponds with the children.
Childhood/adulthood conflict
· Large theme where Evelyne wants to enter the adult world but she actually still acts like a
· `Confining' could be seen as Evelyn forced to shy in her childhood ­ like a jail, she has a lack
of freedom due to responsibilities for her siblings.
· Not necessarily ready for adulthood, she has a lack of understanding/compassion for the
emotional needs of her siblings when she gets rid of the wasps `watching her through the
grime of the kitchen window' not acting to help her siblings.
· `Fashions a bikini' ­ suggests wanting to be an adult.
· She is understanding of the situation, `I think we'd better fill up the hole' is a pivotal part ­
she realises that finding the ring is wrong ­ she decides not to act on it, shows immaturity.…read more

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Its really good but could you maybe analyse the setting a bit more?



what about something new something old?



thx u just wanted to ask is this for higher also

it would really help if it also had something new something old.



thx u just wanted to ask is this for higher also

it would really help if it also had something new something old.

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