Physics Additional 2.1 Forces And Their Effects

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2.1 Forces and their effects

2.1.1 Resultant forces

  • Forces can change shape or motion of an object

  • Objects can change speed and direction

  • When two objects interact, the forces they exert on each other are equal and opposite

  • A number of forces acting upon an object at one point can be replaced by one force that has the same effect as the original forces acting together

    • This is called the resultant force

  • If the resultant force is zero, the object will remain stationary or at a constant speed


2.1.2 Forces and motion

  • Acceleration = resultant force/ mass

  • a=(v-u)/t

    • a= acceleration in m/s^2

    • v= final velocity in m/s

    • u= initial velocity in m/s

    • t= time in seconds

  • The gradient of a distance-time graph represents speed

  • The gradient of a velocity-time graph represents acceleration


2.1.3 Forces and breaking

  • When a vehicle travels at a steady speed the resistance balances out the


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