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Vacuum Flask:
Infrared Radiation: Dark, matt surfaces absorb and emit well. Light, shiny surfaces reflect well.
Evaporation: factors Condensation: factors
Heat Transfer: Surface area/volume, material the object is madefrom, temp of surroundings.
U-Value: How effective the insulator is. The lower the better.
E=MXCX E = Energy =…

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Forces: Whenever two objects interact, the forces they exert on each other are equal and opposite.
Resultant force: Single force that has the same effect on the motion = A number of forces acting at a point.
Acceleration: F = M x A F = Resultant Force =…

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Transformers: An alternating current in the primary coil produces a changing magnetic field in the iron core and
hence in the secondary coil. This induces an alternating potential difference across the ends of the secondary coil.
They have insulated wires and a laminated iron core.
Transformer equations: Potential Difference =…


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