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Additional science
Arwas Eljreiby
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Speed is how fast something is going.
Another way to think of this is as how far
you can go in a certain amount of time. And
this is exactly what my presentation is all
I hope you learn something new and
enjoy...…read more

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One way of describing
movement of an object
is measured by speed,
or how fast it is moving.
Speed is measured in
metres per second
(m/s), kilometres per
hour (km/h) or miles per
hour (mph)…read more

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The velocity of a moving object is its speed in a stated
direction, i.e. both the speed and the direction of travel. This is
called a vector quantity (i.e. a quantity that has both size and
direction.…read more

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Lets say there are 2 cars both travelling at the same speed of 40km/h but car
A is travelling east and car B is travelling south.
The cars may be travelling at a constant speed of 40km/h but there velocity
are different because its direction of movement is different,
i.e. east and south…read more

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The direction of velocity is usually indicated by a positive(+) and a
negative(-) sign. If one car is travelling at +40km/h and another is
travelling -40km/h they are simply travelling in opposite directions.…read more

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