Physics 1 - Transferring heat energy

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Heat Energy

Heat energy can be transferred in 3 different ways; conduction, convection and radiation.


  • Heat radiation is the transfer of heat energy by infrared radiation.
  • Infrared radiation can be emitted by solids, liquids and gases and any object can emit and absorb infrared radiation.
  • The bigger the temperature difference between a body and its surroundings, the faster the energy is transferred by heating.
  • Infrared radiation is emitted from the surface of an object.
  • An object hotter than its surroundings emits more radiation than it absorbs.
  • An object cooler than its surroundings absorbs more radiation than it emits.
  • The hotter an object is, the more radiation it will emit in a certain time (faster).
  • Dark, matt surfaces absorb and emit infrared radiation better than light, shiny surfaces.
  • Light, shiny surfaces reflect a lot


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