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Energy and efficiency:-
Heat transfer and
Physics…read more

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Heat transfer and efficiency
Appliances transfer energy but not all the
energy is transferred in useful ways. The
choice of appliance is influenced by their
efficiency and cost effectiveness.…read more

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Forms of energy
You should be able to recognise the main types of energy. One way
to remember the different types of energy is to learn this sentence:…read more

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Types of energy
Type of energy Description
Magnetic energy in magnets and
kinetic the energy in moving objects ­ also
called movement energy
heat also called thermal energy
light also called radiant energy
gravitational potential stored energy in raised objects
chemical stored energy in fuel, foods and
sound energy released by vibrating objects
electrical energy in moving charges or static
electric charges
elastic potential stored energy in stretched or
squashed objects
nuclear stored in the nuclei of atoms…read more

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Energy transfer diagrams
Different types of energy can be transferred
from one type to another. Energy transfer
diagrams show each type of energy, whether it
is stored or not, and the processes taking place
as energy is transferred.
This energy transfer diagram shows the useful
energy transfer in a car engine. You can see
that a car engine transfers chemical energy,
which is stored in the fuel, into kinetic energy
in the engine and wheels.…read more

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Energy transfer diagrams 2…read more

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