Physics P1

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  • Physics P1
    • Specific heat capacity is the energy needed to raise the temperature of 1kg by 1degC.
      • Energy transferred= mass X specific heat capacity X temperature change.
      • Specific Latent Heat is the energy needed to melt/boil 1kg of material.
    • Insulation:
      • Double Glazing: Prevents CONDUCTION by creating a vacuum or filling a gas between two panes of gas, preventing particle heat transfer.
      • Loft Insulation
      • Wall Cavity
    • Energy Transfer:
      • Conduction: Transfer of kinetic energy between particles.
      • Convection:  Hot air is less dense than cold, thus rises, transferring heat around the room.
      • Radiation, energy transferred by Infrared Waves.
    • Energy Efficiency:
      • efficiency= useful energy output / total energy input [X100%]
      • payback time= total costs on insullation / annual saving.


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