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Philippines - Disaster Hotspot


  • LIC
  • 91 million (densely populated)
  • $5000 per capita
  • Mountaineous country
  • Crowded coastal lowland
  • Typhoon Belt
  • Places such as Mayon and Bulusan are in danger of large scale earthquakes
  • Most large scale storms are situated around the east coast

The philippines lyes on a destructive plate boundary. At this plate boundary the Philippine plate is being subducted underneath the eurasion plate. When this occurs the Philippines plate is subdicted into the molten subduction zone and melts causing huge amounts of pressure that is released and magma to be pushed up to the surface through cracks that have been made during the subduction process and erupting violently. An example of this occuring is in 1991 when Mt pinatubo erupted causing over $9 million worth of damages and thousands of people killed. This shoes that the area was very vulnerable to a natural disaster and not enough action such as education and warnings was taken to prevent such large scale impacts.

Earthquakes can also occur on this destructive plate boundary. As the Philippines plate is subducted underneath the eurasian plate, pressure is released in the form of seismic waves causing violent


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