In preparing for the examination, candidates have the opportunity to carry out a detailed analysis of this case study. The case study is available 5 weeks ahead of the exam (6 weeks for tutors) and it is anticipated that tutors and candidates will discuss the case material supplied and that tutors will support candidates as they produce their own detailed PESTEL and SWOT analyses. The analyses must be attached, with a treasury tag, to the answer booklet at the end of the examination.
Candidates are advised not to waste valuable time collecting unnecessary data. The cases are based upon real-life situations and all the information required for the examination is contained within the case study and underpinned by the knowledge gained from studying the Assessing the Marketing Environment unit. No useful purpose will therefore be served by contacting the organisation profiled in the case study and candidates are strictly instructed not to do so as it may cause unnecessary confusion.
The analyses can be a maximum of FOUR sides of A4, no smaller than font size 11. Tables can be used but these must also use font size…


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