Peron & Peronism

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What is Peronism?

  • It is humanism in action.
  • Peronism is a new political doctrine. - it rejects all the ills of the politics of previous times
  • creates a degree of equality within men - so that no one lacks what they need for living. shares land.
  • the economic policies aimed for every Argentine to pull his weight for the argentines.
  • economic policy - permanent school of capitalist exploitation - replaced by a doctrine of social economy. 
  • the new social economy meant - distribution of wealth and other things (land) be shared out fairly for all those who have contributed with their efforts. 
  • Peronism is a feeling.. cannot be taught. it is a question of the heart not the head.  {said by Peron} - ironic.. forced it upon people [in schools].
  • peron said he was one of the people "i live among my people.

One Class of Men

  • believed in a single class of men who work together for the benefit of the nation. without discrimination.
  • only discrimination that should be made of argentines toward other argentines is who is doing helpful constructive work compared to those who are not. 

The Twenty Truths of The Peronist Justicialism:

1.   True democracy is one where the government does what the people want and defends only one interest: THE PEOPLE

 2.  Peronism is popular in its essence. All political




A detailed and accurate explanation of Peron's ideology. It includes the Twenty Truths.