Causes of February 1917 Revolution

Causes of February 1917 Russian Revolution

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Tsar's Rule

  • October Manifesto (1905): promist a Duma (parliment) elected by the people however the Tsar had the ability to overrule it
  • Electoral system only for the wealthy
  • Revolutionary groups boycotted Duma
  • When at the front, he left the Tsarina and Rasputin in power - dismissed ministers for friends/family, increase in demonstrations, Tsar embarrassed
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  • 1916: Poor harvest, famine
  • Cost of living had risen 300% by 1916
  • No modernization of agriculture
  • Average wages didn't rise above 1903 levels, working conditions remained poor - strikes/violence
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World War 1

  • Over 1 million sodiers had been killed
  • September 1915: Tsar goes to battlefield, associated himself with war, blamed for losses
  • Low morale, high rates of desertations
  • Conscription in the countryside led to peasant discontent
  • Economic situation worsened by war - lack of food/fuel/goods, protests from women -- 25th February on International Women's Day
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