Role of Single-Party Leaders.

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Role of Single-Party Leaders.


  • Obsessed with power.
  • Depend on one individual. - personalised
  • Satisfy big egos.

Peron & Argentina

Establishment of authoritarian and single party states: Methods, Force and Legal.

  • Shut down communist organisations.- commie-led labour unions
  • suppression of media. editors were jailed. all publishers and journalists had to be registered w/ the government.
  • all political parties were banned.
  • organisations that favoured the allies were suspended b/cos they were communists.
  • built barriers to stop the import/export strategy. wanted to build their own industries rather than foreign ones - especially the US.
  • altered textbooks in favour of Argentina and the military.
  • religious education was made compulsory in schools.
  • school only taught what the government allowed them to - make them look better.
  • unified society.
  • father figure - patriarchal role. believed


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