periglacial landforms

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Scree slopes-relict feature

  • slopes composed of large quantites of rock fragments
  • freeze thaw in mountain sides splits rocks which fall down the mountain side
  • rocks build up until the slope reaches an angle of 35 degrees (angle of rest- when rocks can no longer build up)
  • the slope is then coverd in vegetation

patterned ground

  • paving of ground into shapes like garlands, polygons, and stripes.
  • can range from a few centimetres to 100 metres in size
  • polygons common on flat ground and stripes common on slopes of 5-30 degrees
  • frost heaving moves larger stones to the surface.
  • fine grains form the core of the pattern and larger stones form the edges of the pattern.
  • this creates a series of ploygon shapes


  • isolated domed hills upto 100m high and 1km in diameter
  • water freezes under the pressure of being underground
  • 2 types open pingos and closed pingos
  • open pingos- water collects in a valley bottom in a talik (areas of unfrozen permafrost) and is trapped by freezing, when the tulik is frozen. this causes the ice…


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