Pascal’s Wager

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Pascal’s Wager


Pascal trying to show how it is rational to believe in God, this because out best ‘bet’ is to believe in God so we should go to Church etc.



God Exists

God does not exist


Eternal Life

Small loss

Not Believe


Small gain in life


  • Wager for God
    • God exists, I get infinite reward
    • God does not exist, I lose (more or less) nothing
  • Wager against God
    • God exists, I am condemned to Hell
    • God does not exist; I gain (more or less) nothing


Pascal also comments that you cannot just start believing, you must adopt a religious life and gradually you shall come to believe in God. Pascal is not saying you decide to believe he is saying you can help yourself become convinced in God’s existence.




Ø  This argument is powerless against someone who doesn’t care for the long-term

Ø  This whole argument is based on self-interest, we are believing for the wrong reasons – ‘lacks the inner soul of


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