PAPER 2 grade 9 answer

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you have been asked to give a talk to your class on the topic 'Things i would happily put in room 101' try to be entertaining and expalin why you would want to get rid of the things you hate.(20 marks).

Good morning,

Do  you ever get annoyed by something so much you feel like your head will explode? i am going to talk about the things i would happily put in room 101.Let me get straight to the point :We need to destroy these things forever and make them vanish from Planet Earth.

I think we would all agree that we need to get rid of snoring.Is there anything worse than being woken up at 3am by a gigantic snore? In a recent survey, it said 45% of the people make these nasal nightmares at least three nights a week.Seriously,the sound is so annoying,cringing and makes me want to scream at the person to shut up!It always puts me in a revolting,rancid mood for the whole day and my family know not to mess with me afterwards.Lets act now and get rid of it forever.

Secondly, we need to say goodbye to "take-me out"The only perosn i want to…


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