The malfunction- osteoporosis

Osteoprosis is a health condition in which causes the bones in our body to weaken, making them more prone to breakage and becoming fragile. Osteoporisis generally gradually worsens over a period of time when having the disease over several of years. However, Osteoporisis is often only diagnosed when a fall or sudden impact causes a bone to break and leave unexplained extenstive damage to the area such as a fracture. 


Our bones are living tissues that is constantly regenerating and the body is able to maintain a balanced called homeostasis. Which is created during the creation of new bone cells and the distroying or removal of old bone cells. When we age our bones naturally slows down the rate at which new bones replace old bones and the bone density within our body gradually diminishes. However, an individual with Osteoporisis the rate slows too much and causes distruption in the body. 

Risk factors of Osteoporosis:

There are various


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