Organ Transplantation

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  • Organ donation is a gift, of an organ to help someone else who needs a transplant
  • 1st Heart transplant in 1967
  • In Spain they have an opt out of transplant system. Do you think this is better than the Uk?
  • Throughtout his life Jesus taught people to love another. He proved his love for the world on the cross it seemed in keeping with this that Christians consider organ donation as a genuiene act of love and a way of following Jesus example
  • Christians feel it to be a generous and loving thing to do
  • 1st succsessful transplant in 1954
  • 100's of lives each year are saved due to organ donation
  • Organs can be taken after death and then be implanted into another body
  • Kidney, Heart,Lungs , Pancreus, small bowel and tissue bone can…


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