Attitudes to transplant surgery in Christianity

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  • Attitudes to transplant surgery in Christianity
    • Most agree, but have a problem with rich people and surgeons paying in the developed world paying for organs from the poor
      • Immortality of the soul - the body is not needed after death and so organs can be used to help the living
      • Resurrection - the body will be transformed and the new body will not need the 'old' organs
      • Jesus taught to love thy neighbour - your organs saving lives is doing this
      • Wrong to pay for organs as this can lead to the exploitation of the poor. The Bible says do not exploit the poor
    • Some Christians oppose transplants from dead people, but transplants from living relatives is okay
      • Organs such as the heart are an intrinsic part of the individual who has been created by God
      • Organs from the dead to the living is like paying God and humans should not act as God
      • Organs from the living are not vital so it obeys Jesus' command to love thy neighbour
      • Organs should not be paid for as this exploits the poor which is banned in the Bible
    • Some oppose all forms of transplant surgery
      • They believe surgeons could disregard the sanctity of life if a patient is desperate for a transplant- they will not fight to save the donor's life
      • Transplanting organs is taking God's role and it is wrong to play God
      • Problems - heart transplants - it has to be removed before it has stopped beating
      • Raises moral/ emotional problems
        • Diverts resources from prevention or less expensive cures which could improve lives of far more people than a single transplant


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