Islam and transplant surgery

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  • Islam and Transplant surgery
    • Most Muslims are against transplant surgery
      • Shari'ah teaches that nothing should be removed from the body after death and are against post- mortems
      • The Qur'an says Allah has created the body of a person so to remove an organ and put it into someone else is acting as God which is the greatest sin (shirk)
      • Sanctity of life- life belongs to God and only God has the right to give and take life away
      • Muslims believe they will need their body on the Last day when they are resurrected
    • Some Muslims allow transplant surgery from living donors
      • Some Muslim lawyers say it is permissible
      • A ruling fatwa was issued by the Muslim Law Council of the UK in 1995 saying Muslims could carry donor cards and have transplants
      • Islam aims to do good and is not intended to put burdens on people. So if a close relative was dying and they needed a transplant, then it should be given just as pork can be eaten if a Muslim will otherwise starve


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