Ontological Argument

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The Ontological Argument For The Existence Of God

There are two different arguments included in the ontological argument

The First Argument Is Put Forward By Anselm 
A Priori Argument

1) God Can be defined as 'That of which nothing greater can be conceived' 
2) We can conceive of the greatest possible thing in our minds but we can also conceive of a greater possible being who exists in reality as well as our minds
3) Existing in reality as well as the mind is greater then just existing in the mind
4) Because god is the greatest possible thing that of which nothing greater can be conceived he has to exist in reality as well as the mind

Gaunilo came back at Anselm with some criticisms

Gaunilo suggested that we can think of the perfect island in our minds, but just because we can think of the greatest/ most perfect islands in our minds doesn't mean the island exists in reality.

Anselm came




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