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The Ontological Argument…read more

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· Ontology is the study of what exists or being.
· The ontological argument in this context is
whether god exists or not.
· The ontological argument is `a priori', which
means it doesn't rely on sense experience.…read more

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Anselm's ontological argument
1. By definition, God is a being greater than which cannot be
(God is a person who is greater than anyone can understand)
2. I can conceive of such a being.
(I am capable of understanding the existence of God)
3. It is greater to exist than not to exist.
(The greatest thing to do is to exist)
4. Therefore, God must exist.
(As God is the greatest being and does the greatest things,
therefore he must exist)…read more

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If we could think about something being greater than
God, then that thing must be God.
· However that can't be true as God being greater
than God doesn't make sense.
· If that was the case, then the first God wouldn't have
technically been God.
For example:
Owner To a worker, the manager
is the highest point of
authority (God).
However, to the
Manager manager, the owner is
the highest point of
authority (God).
Therefore, the manager
Worker was never the one in
charge (God).…read more

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Guanilo & the Perfect Island
· Guanilo says that if Anselm's argument is correct, then his
argument can be used in any context. He uses the example of
his `Perfect island'. He says, he can think of a perfect island,
greater than which cannot be conceived, the island must
exist, according to Anselm's argument.
· However, he says that this cannot be true as just because you
can think of something perfect, doesn't suddenly make it
· For example, one thing that people would class as perfect,
would be a money tree. However just because we think that
would be perfect doesn't mean lots of money trees will
randomly appear.…read more

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Descartes ontological argument
1. I have the idea of God;
2. God is a supremely perfect being;
3. Existence is a perfection; therefore,
4. God must exist.
Descartes and Anselm see perfection as a kind
of property. Something you `have'.
`Something that `has' existence is greater than
something that doesn't.'…read more


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