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  • Kant
    • Existence is not a predicate
      • Existence is not a characteristic of something
        • Existence tells us nothing about the object.
        • When we say something exists, there must be at least one example found in the real world.
      • Predicate-blue, round, small...
      • Adding exists to the idea of God does not add anything new to what we understand about God.
    • Aimed his argument at Descartes but also challenged Anselm.
      • "If I have 200 existing pounds, and 200 hundred imaginary pounds, the idea pound stays the same whether it exists of not."
        • God cant be an exception to this rule.
      • All the ontological argument is doing was providing a definition of God to see whether the world might have such a being who could fulfill the criterion.
      • If the proposition is analytic, as the ontological argument takes it to be, then the statement would be true only because of the meaning given to the words. Kant claims that this is merely a tautology and cannot say anything about reality.
        • However, if the statement is synthetic, the ontological argument does not work, as the existence of God is not contained within the definition of God (and, as such, evidence for God would need to be found).


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