Oleanna Essay Planning on Carol's Response to John's Principles and Values

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Re-read Act 3 from page 63 (CAROL: The issue here is not what I 'feel') to page 68 (CAROL: I know what you think I am. Discuss how Carol's response to John's principles and values is presented in this extract and at least one other point in the play.

Context of scene: Carol is presented in this scene as aggressively rejecting everything John seems to stand for: his self-absorption, his maverick views of education, his sexist behaviour.
Carol has a growth of confidence--she is now able to attack those principles and values which previously she didn't understand.
John is placed in a defensive position, having exerted authority and power over her--because of his principles and values--in Act 1.

Reading through the extract and identifying and analysing techniques in turn

1) P63 bottom/p64: 'for what you did in this office': Mamet uses the characterisation of Carol to present the view that John's behaviour is unacceptable.
Anaphora; lists his faults. Semantic field of the law--she can bring a case against him, suggesting his beliefs are legally wrong. Italics indicate prosodic features which give a dismissive tone of all he believes. Link to p7-8 for contrast--hesitance vs confidence.

2) P64: 'They're going to…


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