Oleanna - Education

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  • Oleanna - Education
    • Carol's Views
      • "I'm doing what I'm told"
        • Suggesting that Succeeding in education means doing as told - passively following instructions. Indicates complete lack of emotional + academic independence in act 1
      • "there are people here... to get on in the world"
        • Direct contrast to John, her's is that it's a means to an end - only useful so far as it helps a person achieve success
      • "I don't think I need your help. I don't think I need anything you have"
        • Freed herself from any need to seek John's approval. Her fem group given her new + radical views - sees it as a sexist structure run by men.
    • John's Views
      • "if the young child is told he cannot understand, he will take it as a description of himself"
        • Account of his negative experience, should make hum sympathetic towards Carol. Actually accounts for his own self-centered insecurity
      • " a test of your ability to spout back misinformation"
        • Cynical view of exams accounts for his willingness to break rules for Carol. She is resentful of his casual disregard for a system that favors him + using the system of rules against him, she is able to steal his authority.
      • "hazing"
        • 1st borrowed from playground bullying to suggest education is nothing more than a "sick game"
        • "Virtual warehousing of the young"
          • suggests that failing to help students think on their own, the system keeps them imprisoned in immaturity
    • Context
      • reading lists controversial - groups camp for broader lit hat trad written by "dead white men"
      • 1992 article on PC on campus on campus published
      • Unis adopted "speech codes" for staff. Sought to ban derogatory ref to race, etc.
      • Written at time of growing PC movement against male dominance + course control by elite males
    • Shows contrast between worth of system and it's criticisms
    • Subject of ideological scrutiny


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