Of Mice and Men George

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Small (obviously referring to his physical appearance however he has a big heart to go with him)

Intelligent/logical/sharp (he is a great decision maker with forward thinking eg when they're about to start at the ranch telling Lennie where to go if he gets into trouble and then the initiative to kill Lennie nicely before someone else kills him painfully)

Idyllic (Lennie very much looks up to George like a son looking up to a father - a paternal relationship. Many peoples fathers are their idols)

Selfless/caring (he is willing to put himself in danger of loosing his job by keeping Lennie with him all the time hence why they moved from Weed for a **** alert against Lennie. He has made a promise to Lennies aunt Clara and is determined to keep it)

Protective (he is protective over Lennie again adding to the paternal relationship that a father is protective of its child. This again links to at the end where he kills Lennie to protect him)

Rational (he is fair when decision making and good at making decisions eg at the end)

Positive (about the dream about rabbits at their own land with Lennie -




Nice :))



nice effort. :D



glad its helped, ive done the same for Lennie as well :)

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