Of Mice and Men Characters

These cards will help myself and others to know who the characters are in the Of Mice And Men novel.

Of Mice and Men / Lennie Small

Lennie is a strong, giant of a man who relies on his companion (George Milton) another main character in the novel, without George as a loyal friend Lennie would not be able to survive. However Lennie has the mentality and innocence of a child. Lennie struggles to do the right things in life that are acceptable, what he does is however not acceptable e.g.- killing mice and killing curleys wife. Lennie loves George talking about their dream ranch which they hope to buy one day.

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Of Mice and Men/ George Milton

George has the responsiblity of caring for his friend, Lennie. He has a good understanding of the world unlike his best friend Lennie. At the end of the novel, George finally kills lennie with great sadness after the death of Curleys Wife.

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Of Mice and Men/ Candy

Candy is an old man on the ranch. He is employed on the ranch as a cleaner. He was injured in a farm accident in which he lost his right hand. Candy has an old dog as his best friend (companion) but the dog is killed in the novel by Carlson another character in the novel because the dog is hald blind and smells. Candy is a very lonely man once the dog has died and Candy wants to be part of the dream of George and Lennie buying their own ranch one day.

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Of Mice and Men/ Crooks

Crooks is a black man on the ranch who is reffered to as a ****** in the novel. As he is a black man he is not allowed to share the bunkhouse with the other ranch hands so he lives in his own room in the barn. He is discriminated in society because of his skin colour. All the ranch men are prejudice towards him and treat him like some piece of dirt. He also is a lonely character in the novel.

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Of Mice and Men/ Curley

Curley is the boss's son in the novel. He is an aggresive character. He takes an instant dislike to Lennie and Curley has a history of violence. Curley has been recently married. Curley is only concerned with what his wife can offer him sexually- the glove full of vaseline sums it all up. He is not trusted and is jealous of his wife talking to the other ranch men. Curley is a bully.

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Of Mice and Men / Curleys wife

Curleys wife is an unfortunate woman. Who is also another lonely person on the ranch and in the novella. She dreams of being a hollywood superstar and craves attention from men on the ranch especially lennie. She holds on to unrealistic dreams and has nothing important or exciting to look forward to or fullfill in life.

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Katy Thorpe


Good. But would have been better if you did all the characters and included quotations.



It would have been better if you had said what their role in the story was and what they represent e.g. George represents the face of the great depression and Crooks represents injustice and discrimination.

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