Of Mice and Men Chapters Overview

breif overview of chapters in of mice and men

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Of Mice and Men - Chapter 1

-George and Lennie camp by a brush in the pool. The night before starting new jobs as ranch hands.

-George finds Lennie stroking a dead mouse in his pocket.

-George complains that caring for Lennis prevents him from living a freer life.

-We find out that Lennie is innocent petting of a girls dress which leeds to them loosing their last jobs in Weed.

-However, when they talk about their dream of getting a peice of land together, we know they really depend of each other.

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Of Mice and Men - Chapter 2

-When George and Lennie arrive at the rach in the morning, they are shown around by old Candy.

-They meet their boss and later his son, Curley - George is suspicious of his manner and warns Lennie to staty away from him.

-They meet Curyley's pretty/flirtatious wife and mett other characters such as Slim and Carlson.

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Of Mice and Men - Chapter 3

-Later, George informs Slime more on why himself and Lennie travel togeths and more on what happened in the Weed.

-The men talk about Candy's accient dog - which is ill. Carlson shoots it as an act of kindness.

-George tells Candy about their dream of owning land. Candy wants to join in.

-Curley provokes Lennie into a fight which results in Lennie injuring Curley's hand.

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Of Mice and Men - Chapter 4

-Following night, most of the men go into town. Crooks is alone in his room when Lennie joins him.

-They talk about land - Crooks is sceptical and doesn't believe that George and Lennie are going to own their own land in which other men have failed to do.

-Curley's wife arrives - She threatens Crooks in an argument which makes him realise that he cannot be apart of George, Lennie and Candy's plan.

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Of Mice and Men - Chapter 5

-Next afternoon, Lennie accidently kills a puppy that Slim had given him by petting it too hard.

-Curley's wife finds Lennie and talks openly about her feelings.

-She invites Lennie to stroke her hair but he does it too hard that she panics - Lennie ends up killing her too.

-George tells Lennie to run far away.

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Of Mice and Men - Chapter 6

-Lennie hides in the brush by the pool - He dreams of his Aunt Clara and the rabbits he will pet when he and George own their own land.

-George finds Lennie and talks reasurringly to him about their land they will have together - George then SHOOTS him with Carlson's gun.

-When the other men find George, the assume he shot Lennie has self-defence.

-Only Slim understands what George did and why.

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