Of mice and men Chapter 1

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Setting the scene.

Every chapter of the novel begins with a description of a setting.  The chapter opens with the description of a idyllic scene at the end of a hot day.  Steinbeck describes the foothills of the Gabilan Mountains and the wildlife in and around the Salinas River.  He reivists this scene towords the end of the novel so that the action is framed by a timeless reminder of the natural world and how nature endures despite the dramas in the lives of men.

When reading the first three paragraphs.  Steinbeck describes the rabbits are having "sat as quietly as little gray, scultpured stones, creating an impression of tranquility : if the rabbits are sitting quitely, they must be unafraid. 

Introducing the main characters.

The stillness described at the start of the


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