Of mice and men chapter 1

Opening -idyllic natural scene, peace and calm
Lennie and George arrive and the peace is disturbed
Although George thinks it will be ' nice sleepin' here' there is a sense of threat -sounds of men shouting and the fish sinking down in the water.
Steinbeck portrays nature as both peaceful and dangerous through this symbolism
We get the impression that all is not as good as it seems

George and Lennie have been friends a long time - they know each other very well. E.g George knows Lennie doesn't have really have a mouse.
George is the leader, Lennie follows. The questions he asks George show him to be child-like (Lennie has learning difficulties)
They are headed for a ranch but the bus has dropped them four miles away. This is an early symbolism for the fact that they will never get where they want to be.

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Of mice and men chapter 1

Animal imagery
Lennie is likened to various animals in chapter 1
He 'lumbers' like a BEAR
He drinks from the pool like a HORSE
He holds on to his mouse like a TERRIER
These are all strong animals and indicate that Lennie is physically very strong, but animal analogies also symbolise his low intelligence.
Lennie's lack of understanding about the situation makes him vulnerable.

George confronts Lennie about the mouse - his instinct is to run away when he feels threatened ('looked wildly ay the brush line as though he contemplated running for his freedom') This links to the image of the rabbits running for cover when George and Lennie arrive

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