Of Mice and Men

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George has no problems when he's on his own:

  • He is smart and clever when looking for work
  • He is 'small' and 'quick', 'dark of face, with restless eyes, and sharp, strong features'
  • He has no family, land, wife or money
  • He seems suspicious  and defensive when meeting new people
  • He is often pessimistic

George is trapped in his partnership with Lennie:

  • He sticks by Lennie due to his conscience and sense of loyalty
  • He is Lennie's minder and instructor
  • He is nervous that Lennie might get into trouble and make things difficult for them
  • He is often irritated with the trouble of looking after Lennie
  • He wants to do what is best for Lennie - he regrets having abused his power

George has bad mood swings:

  • Sometimes he is optimistic and other times he is pessimistic
  • Changes from being aggressive…


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