how do you make more than one page on these? I wanted to add a few more notes to it



Use Flashcards instead of whatever you used there, on Flashcards you can make as many pages as you want but the only thing is it asks you for a reverse side which means for example: when you ask a question the reverse side will have the answer, but you don't have to ask questions you can write anything on the front side, but on the reverse side you can write in brackets 'this side is blank' or 'N/A' so whoever reads your flashcards they'll know the reverse side is blank! but you don't only have to make flashcards you can use mind maps as well, maybe the mind map will be better but its up to u, you can use flashcards if you want, also on flashcards you only have limited words to write! you can probably write about 3 or 4 lines for each card, don't forget you can also use word document or PowerPoint or adobe, if u use any of them all you have to do is upload it (To upload your work go to home and then share resources and click on browse and find your document where you saved it at and them click 'OK' and then it asks you to fill in some stuff  [for example: title,exam board, subject and description] you have to fill that in and once you have click on 'SAVE' and that's it!) :)

<3 I Hope this makes sense and I hope you understand what I'm saying, if u don't understand anything let me know hopefully I will have the answers to your questions!!! good luck! :) <3