OCR Gateway Science Additional B Higher P4- Uses of Electrostatic

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What are 5 uses of electrostatic electricity?

Defibrillators, crop spraying, photocopiers, electrostatic dust precipitators and paint spraying

How does electrostatic crop spraying work?

Crops are sprayed with insecticides or fertilisers and if all particles are given the same charge they repel from each other and spread out over the crops so there is less waste and crops are evenly covered.

How do electrostatic dust precipitators work?

Waste gases containing smoke particles enter the chimney and pass the metal grid which is charged using a high voltage power supply. They pick up the negative charge from the metal grid/metal rod and they stick to the positively charged collecting plates that are positively charged because the negative charge in the grid induces a positive charge in the collecting plates. The dust particles stick to the collecting plates as they are oppositely charged so are attracted and the collecting plates are knocked regulary to remove smoke particles.

How does electrostatic paint spraying work?

The nozzle is charged in the gun and as paint droplets leave the gun they gain the same charge as the gun. The paint droplets have the same charge so they repel from each other and spread out evenly. The item painted is oppositely charged…


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