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Physics 4
Generating static electricity

An insulating material can become charged when it's rubbed with another insulating material. Dusting
brushes can be charged so they attract dust when they pass over the brush. Synthetic clothing can become
charged due to friction between the clothing and the person's body. When the…

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Fixed and variable resistors

Resistance ­ measure of how hard it is to get a current through a component in a circuit at a particular

A fixed resistor has constant resistant. The bigger the resistance, the smaller the current
A variable resistor has a changeable resistance
Long wire ­…

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Wavelength ­ distance between two points on two disturbances
Frequency ­ number of waves produced in 1 second
Amplitude ­ maximum disturbance by a wave

Applications of ultrasound

Scanning the body with ultrasound can produce a picture of the body's organ. They can cause kidney stones
to vibrate. The stones…

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This occurs naturally in our environment and is all around us. Most background radiation is released by:
radioactive substances in soil and rocks and cosmic rays from outer space. Some radiation comes from
man-made sources and waste products. Industry and hospitals contribute to radiation levels.


Radioisotopes are used as…

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billions each second. It happens easily in star, but isn't practical on the earth yet.

Small scale fission

1. Uranium atom is hit with a neutron
2. Nucleus splits into two smaller nuclei
3. Energy and new neutrons are released
4. The new atoms formed are radioactive

Large scale fission…


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