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Environmental science
By: Ri'Dab Jalal…read more

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Wetlands…read more

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Plants and
roots help keep
Provides soil together You can use the
food for water for
animals drinking water
They can be
used for wetlands
activities Makes land
cleaner when
water disappears
They are habitats of They reduce
animals. erosion
Wet lands can
help prevent
floods and
droughts…read more

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Ecosystems…read more

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What is an ecosystem?
· A community of plants, animals, and a
smaller organisms that live , feed,
reproduce and interact in the same area
or environment.
· There are many ecosystems in the world for
an example a desert is an ecosystem and so is
forest.…read more

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Human and natural impact on
· Killing animals
· Cutting down trees
· Climate change
· Pollution-acid rain
· Deforestation due to human building
· Global warming
· Excessive farming/fishing…read more

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