Nazi Germany - The Munich Putsch

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Nazi Germany - The Munich Putsch

Nazi Ideology:

  • Lebensraum - living space, German nation needs to expand
  • A strong Germany - abolish Treaty of Versailles & unite all German speaking people
  • Fuhrer - one leader with complete power, not democracy
  • Social Darwinism - idea that Aryan race was superior and Jews were 'subhuman'
  • Autarky - Germany should be economically self-sufficient
  • Germany was in danger - from Communists and Jews, had to be destroyed
  • Had socialist, nationalist, racist and fascist policies

Munich Putsch:

  • Organised a revolution with Kahr and Lossow, two nationalist politicians, but they called it off at the last minute
  • Hitler had already organised 3000 storm troopers (SA) so it was a difficult situation
  • On 8th November 1923 Kahr and Lossow were holding a meeting at the Beer Hall in Munich
  • Hitler went there with 600 SA members and forced them to agree to rebel by waving a gun at them, he said that he would form a new government with General Ludendorff (hadn't told him)
  • The…


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