Nature of Dreaming

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Freud's Psychoanalytical Theory

  • Manifest Content- Actual content of dreams
  • Latent Content- Hidden meaning behind dreams
  • Dream work- Protects sleeps
  • Purpose of dreaming is wishfulfiment
  • Id is less active when asleep so desires which are unable to be fulfilled in the conscious can be fulfilled through dreams, but indirectly.

Supporting Evidence

  • Solms 2000- Those who suffer brain damage are unable to dream, linking the role of the id and the brain.

Contradiciting Evidence

  • van Castle- 800/1000 dreams are involved with negative emotions
  • Zadra- 85% dreams are linked with negative feelings
  • Dreams shoudn't involve this if they are wish fulfilment
  • Nightmares- Dreamwork failing to protect the sleep contradicting Freud's theory, 50% of adults experience nightmares.

Freud didn't address that only 5% of…


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