Natural Selection: The Peppered Moth


(Note: Some of the questions I was given had some similar answers to each other, but I hope these help you in some way!)

How is the peppered moth well adapted to living on tress before the industrial revolution?

It was the colour of speckled ivory so it camouflaged the moth onto the tree and protected it from predators, the trees were white with the ivory.

What happened during the industrial revolution?

The soot from the factories turned the trees black - the moths were no longer camouflaged so were vunerable to predators.

How did this affect the trees?

It turned them black.

How would the trees changing affect the peppered moths?

They began to




The peppered moth is a species of moth native to England that gained notoriety for its role in the study of natural selection. During the Industrial Revolution, the blackening of trees due to pollution led to a significant shift in the moth's coloration from predominantly light to predominantly dark. Now you can visit moth control London and get more skills about a moth clothe. This change in coloration provided evidence for the process of natural selection and the importance of adaptation in the survival of a species. Today, the peppered moth remains an important symbol of evolutionary biology.