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All media texts follow a narrative structure.The main types of narrative structures used are linear and non-linear and circular. 

Linear - Is the theory discussed by Todorov, it conveys narrative, in a chronological structure. e.g. equilibrium - disruption - conflict - attempt to resolve conflict - climax/ confrontation - resolution/leading to equilibrium. 

Non-Linear - This method chops up and manipulates time. The events are not in chronological order and the narrative moves backwards and forwards. The audience are being forced to interact with the text and this is referred to as anachronic narratives. 

Circular - the narrative starts at the end and explores the actions and plot lines that lead up to that moment. 

Narrative techniques in moving image pieces

Manipulation of time and space 

Split screen narratives - where the screen is split into two, three or four pieces and each piece has it's own mini-narrative going on inside it. 


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