My Polish Teachers Tie

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Here are the main points I would make from 'My Polish Teacher's Tie':

Line 1: Well aware of her social status. She thinks of herself lowly. How she uses the word 'shovel' shows how she doesn't car what she does too much - its just a job. She 'likes the kids' suggesting she doesn't get on well with the teachers and other staff, maybe because of her intelligence or becasue she doesnt have the confidence - as a result she feels that children are the ones she gets on with.

Line 7: 'Very keen on fairness here, we are, here'. Could be interpreted in two ways. How she uses 'we' shows that she feels that she is accepted here, that she is part of the family. But I feel it is far more sarcastic - showing that she is bitter of other peoples lives.

I feel that the main theme in this story is prejudice - against women and foreigners. Line 15: 'Then my father put a stop to it. You'll get her all mixed up now she's going to school'. Shows a man putting a stop to her learning Polish. This may be because of sexism, with the father feeling she will be incapable of being bilingual because she is a girl - this is somehting she is…




Spelling mistakes and few badly structured sentences