My Polish Teacher's Tie

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  • My Polish Teacher's Tie
    • "I dish out tea and buns to the teachers twice a day, and I shovel chips onto the kids' trays at lunch time."
    • "I am half-Polish. They don't know that here."
    • "He stitched a nice smile on his face and said, "Oh, er - Mrs, er - Carter."
    • "The Head was wagging a sheaf of papers in front of him, and talking very loudly, as if he was deaf."
    • "The next morning the buns were stale. Valerie Kenward poked them, one after another. 'We ought to get our money back.'"
    • "The first poem he sent me was about a bird in a coal mine."
    • "'And his ties!' went on Valerie. 'You've never seen anything like them.'"
    • "If ever anyone brought their kids up to be pleased with themselves, it's Valerie Kenward."
    • "'I like your tie,' I said."
    • "He was tense as a guitar string."
    • "The meeting broke up and the Head vanished into a knot of teachers."
    • "Colleagues don't wear blue overalls and white caps and work for £3.89 per hour."
    • "Let him think what he wanted to. I wasn't lying."
    • "Teachers are used to getting out of the way of catering staff without really seeing them."


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