Music AoS2: Peripetie from 5 Orchestral Pieces

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  • Composed 1909
  • For full orchestra
  • Expression marks in German
  • Atonal
  • Klangfarbenmelodie=Tone-colour-melody, describes timbre contribution to melody, pitch and rhythm
  • Expressionist


  • Style in art and music
  • Get audience to experience strong reactions
  • Convey intense emotions

Features of Expressionism:

  • Atonal
  • One emotion
  • Full pitch range of instruments, extremes
  • Timbre important as melody
  • Dynamic extremes
  • Short pieces


  • Hexachord: CBbEFC#A, played as chords and melody, any order, transposed
  • Rondo form, A section links is mood


  • A1: Very quick…


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