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GLANZER AND CUNITZ  1966 - serial position curve ... Empirical research

primacy effect - p's remeberd words from the start of a list better than the middle and last items as they have time to rehearse them and therefore creating an LTM of them supporting the idea of LTM in the MSM

Asymptote efect - This effect shows that p;s remeber items from the middle of a list the worst as thy are dislaced from the STM supporting the concept of displacement in the MSM 

Recency effect- Items that are last on a list are usualy recalled first as STM only last 18 - 20 seconds and these words are well remeberd even if the length of the list is extended this effect persists supporting the concept of the STM in the MSM of memory 

Case study HM and Clive wearing

TWO types of AMNESIA 

  1. ANTEROGRADE - can recall old LTM but is unable to form nw ones 
  2. RETROGRADE - cannot recall old STMs but is able to form new ones 

Both HM…


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