mockery of effeminate men is harsher than mockery of women

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Agathon - ekklyema to make a dramatic entrance - mockery as Aristophanes is using the tools of his craft to make him look foolish - audience knows Agathon is a dramatic in a tragic way, so this exaggerated version would be amusing - effective mockery

Behaviour of the women - Mica starting a fight with Mnesilochus after he runs and stabs the wine skin, parodying the play Telephus. 'I'll make you s**t out that seedcake I saw you eat earlier' Implies that women are irresponsible since they are supposed to fast at the festival, this negative imagery of the women is given to the audience - who would relate this to all women -  harsh mockery of women 

However, women are also presented to be wise as they give details about how men were lazy at the time in the parabasis - stating 'your Marathon days are over.' This shows that Aristophanes did not always give a harsh mockery of women as he deliberately chose a reference the audience would…


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