Ways that women were involved in religion

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  • Ways that Roman women were involved in religion
    • Cult of Ceres
      • Creativity depended on Ceres
      • Led by men
      • Only available to just a few women
      • Turned to goddess for fertility
    • Bona Dea
      • Bit like the Thesmo. in Athens
      • Worship Bona Dea
        • Fertility Goddess
      • Secret rituals
      • No involvement of men
    • Vestal Virgins
      • Only for a small no. of girls
      • Power to rescue criminals from execution
      • Had to remain chaste
      • Influential to Rome
      • Look after the hearth
    • Priestesses
      • Married to certain gods
      • Majority were men
      • Not a lot of women
      • Held duties to the Senate
    • Funerals
      • Pay tributes to Gods
      • Make sure the funeral was going fine
      • Eat with the dead
      • Men organised it this time
    • Household
      • Remember the ancestors
      • Keep away bad spirits
      • Worship the household gods
      • Men done most of these and women done not as much as the Greek women
      • Keep the hearth alight


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