Metals AS Chemistry

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metals tend to have 

  • large atoms
  • and a high tendency to lose electrons
  •  they are the most common elements a 4:1 ratio
  • they are in the bottom left of the periodic table

Metallic bonding is

  • strong
  • only between metal atoms
  • you have delocalised electrons in-between and around the metal atoms 
  • the positively charged metal ions are attracted to the electrons and if another metal ion is attracted to the same electron a bond is formed

there are 3 metal structures you need to know about 

  • hexagonal close packed
  • face centred close pack 
  • body centred cubic ( not close pack )
  • they form giant crystal lattices

the properties of metals 

  • high melting points often due to close packing of the ions
  • the sea of electrons makes…


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